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Tomorrow people will be gathering in homes, bars, stadiums to celebrate a big day for Football fans. Funny thing is I am not a fan of football at all, even tough I work on women’s apparel at Nike. My husband likes to watch it once in a while and I just enjoy the gathering around good food part with the gals. Tomorrow we are off to our friends house to celebrate a birthday and let the boys and gals who enjoy watching the game watch the game and the rest of us gather around a table with some good homemade meals. I am prepping a few dishes to bring with me. Wanted to make sure there are some healthy options to enjoy besides the chilly and other heavy foods that will be provided already. (more…)

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Spicy Vegetable Coconut Curry Soup


Spicy Vegetable Coconut Curry Soup_1
I have been loving Thai food lately, it’s fresh, it’s colorful and it always hits the spot! Curries have been one of my favorite flavors to add to veggies since I started the new year and eating healthy – and this Spicy Vegetable Coconut Curry is chock full of fresh veggies and vibrant colors that just make it absolutely mouthwatering. (more…)

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Cardamom, Blueberry, Cream Cheese Croissant French Toast Casserole


cadamom blueberry croissant french toast_lenaskitchenblog
My husband and I spent the evening last night in bed after we put the kids down watching funny videos and food videos on BuzzFeed, then woke up craving french toast for breakfast. I went to get the ingredients from my local Fred Meyers. I usually get Challah bread and make individual french toast, but this morning I wanted something a little more different so i got some mini croissants, cut them into smaller chunks, added chunks of softened cream cheese and had some frozen blueberries… add the custard and you have a party in your mouth. (more…)

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Pork Carnitas Skillet Nachos with Pineapple Guacamole & edible flowers


nachos with drinks
While I don’t do Super Bowl Sunday’s or watch football at all, but doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy making good food that can be enjoyed during the game or a game night with friends. These Nachos and Guacamole with pineapples and edible flowers are my new favorites to enjoy and it’s nice because you can use them in so many different ways. Make tacos, burritos, nachos or even a salad bowl. (more…)

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Roasted Carrots with Carrot Top Pesto


carrots with pesto2Friendsgiving_2015It’s that wonderful time of the year, where friends and family get together and celebrate each other over good food and drink. I am excited to share some of my favorite recipes I created for a Friendsgiving dinner I hosted last week for some creative friends and food bloggers. The first recipe I am sharing is for my new favorite carrot top pesto. (more…)

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Bacon, Avocado Wedge with Strawberry Vinaigrette


avocado_strawberry wedge salad_full
Salads are my favorite to make as a side dish or even on it’s own as the main dish. Trying to come up with creative new ideas for a salad with ingredients that you might not expect to taste are something I enjoy doing. This twist on this wedge salad for Fred Meyer has me wishing it was summer again. The fresh flavor of strawberries in the dressing adds a vibrant flavor to the wedge. I’m loving the crispy bacon for the smokey meaty flavor and creamy texture of avocado to bring it all together. Make it a whole meal by adding slices of steak, chicken or fish. (more…)

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Vegan Strawberry + Avocado Smoothie


I’m working on a few recipe developments for Fred Meyers using Strawberries + Avocados. Excited to share this Vegan Strawberry + Avocado smoothie. I wanted to add some beautiful colors and super foods to make this a great morning pick me up. It’s a versatile smoothie to add to your recipe box by making two smoothies in one.

This smoothie uses avocado, frozen bananas and cashew milk for creaminess, raw almonds for texture, baby greens, hemp seeds, ground flax seed and bee pollen for extra superfood for the green part. Strawberries, banana, pomegranate juice, cashew milk and mint to add a natural sweetness to the pink part of the smoothie. Be creative and add your own personal touch to the smoothie when you put it together. I wanted to make sure to keep this smoothie vegan so it’s a healthier choice for you to enjoy.

strawberry-avocado smoothie_ingredients

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Gnocchi with Veggies & Mustard Cream Sauce


gnocchi_platedIt’s monday, a lot of times I sit here, wondering what I want to make for dinner (well every day I do that too, ahhah). Making dinner for me is a way to make my family happy and getting my creative juices flowing. I enjoy feeding them a good and healthy meal, being creative while using some great fresh ingredients. I enjoy the process of stopping by my local Fred Meyers after work, pick up some items I want to make dinner with. I have started working with Fred Meyers in the last couple of weeks and trying to create great recipes to make for dinner and share with my followers. (more…)

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